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    “The worksheets in the Brainstorm It Out! workbook are helpful when I need to keep track of my plans and ideas. I even used the Compare It worksheet to help me decide on a new TV to buy!”

    Mary F.


    What you will get:

    Fill in the form above to get the Brainstorm It Out! workbook, a 57 page ebook by (designed by Michelle at Anointed Bar) filled with over 40 intentional worksheets and tools created to help you:

    • make challenging decisions
    • set short- or long-term goals
    • map out a new business
    • plan a digital product
    • draft a lesson plan for your virtual student
    • prepare your next livestream
    • arrange your next podcast episode
    • compare sources for a big purchase
    • and so much more!

    Need a bracket to keep up with your family's epic UNO tournaments?

    There's a worksheet for that!

    Have a recipe in mind for that air fryer you got last Christmas?

    There's a worksheet for that!

    Want to weigh the pros and cons of that new neighborhood you're considering? There's a worksheet for that, too!

    This workbook is meant to be used as a decision-making tool. Refer to it when you need to brainstorm an idea or write out a strategy​.

    What is the workbook all about?

    Ready to brainstorm your next business idea?

    Are you an extreme list maker?

    Is your checklist a mile long?


    I thought so.

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    The gorgeous, insightful worksheets in the Brainstorm It Out! research workbook will be your constant companion to journal, sketch, research, and capture your greatest ideas.

    As you skim through the workbook, you will undoubtedly discover even more creative and inventive ways to put the Brainstorm It Out! worksheets to use. owners...homeschooling or virtual learning families...those who work remotely...just about anyone will find a use for this invaluable workbook.

    And best of all, it's FREE! Fill in your info above to get an email with your download.

    Pull out your colored pencils, ultra thin sharpies, or your favorite pen and just get IT OUT of your head and onto paper. Allow your stream of consciousness to take over and plan that event, develop that strategy, or make your checklist for that road trip.

    I sincerely love this resource, and I hope you do, too.

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