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    I was originally looking for an essential oil blending workbook. I found this course and was pleasantly surprised. I found this one week course that covered much more then blending. Thank you for offering so much information!”


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    • Blending essential oils to make fresh, original fragrances
    • The supplies you need to get started
    • Making and using your own fragranced products
    • Organizing your projects with practical checklists
    • Documenting your formulas and creations on fun worksheets
    • Finding reputable suppliers and resources

    The course emails will be delivered over 5 consecutive days, starting the minute you enroll, and each day's lesson will have downloadable course materials to support and guide you in your aromatic learning adventure.

    At the end of the course, when you put together each day's course materials download, you will have a complete Course Manual that will serve as your go-to reference while you experiment with blending essential oils and hand-crafting your products.

    Your learning experience will explore:

    • Creating aromatic essential oils blends according to their fragrance families and scent notes
    • Making perfumes, colognes, and home care products
    • Packaging your products with unique labels and hangtags
    • And much more


    • Five clear and concise lessons that explain how to blend and use essential oils in a varieity of body and home products
    • Course materials that you will refer back to again and again as you brainstorm and create new blends, scented products, and ways to use them
    • Lifetime access to course materials. Since everything is conveniently delivered to your inbox, you can quickly go back to a lesson if you need to review a concept, formula or process.
    • Tips and techniques on how to make high quality products from someone who has been studying, making, using, selling, and writing about handcrafted soaps, and scented home & body products for over 20 years
    • Valuable, informative emails, content, and expertise to help guide you on a path to making and using your own natural, hand-crafted skin and home care products (and other relevant subject-matter that I believe you will find useful).

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    What is the workbook all about?

    What is one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways of enhancing and brightening your day, at any point from the moment you wake up until the second you fall asleep?

    What can shift your mood with just one whiff?


    Especially fragrance emitted from natural sources as such as essential oils and aromatic essences.

    In this free course of 5 email lessons sent over the course of 5 days, I will share the fundamentals of blending essential oils and using your original, unique blends to scent a variety of products for your home and body.

    Blend a Fragrant Life

    DAY 1: The Power of Fragrance; Scent Note Categories; Essential Oil Safety

    In Day 1's Lesson, you will get an eye-opening introduction into the world of fragrance and a fun "trigger" exercise where you associate your most favorite fragrance with a fond memory from your past.

    DAY 2: Fragrance Families; Ingredients; Blending Supplies and Setup

    In Lesson 2, learn what you will need to get your aromatic blending off to a winning start, from supplies and ingredients, to tools and packaging.

    DAY 3: Blending Essential Oils for Fragrance; Blending Worksheets

    Lesson 3 gets down to the nitty-gritty of how to produce high quality home and body products you will use everyday, including vital formulas you can use to replicate your favorite products again and again.

    DAY 4: Making Scented Products for Home and Body; Formula Worksheets

    Don't know what to make first or how to best use your carefully made essential oil blends? Lesson 4 covers tips, techniques, and processes you can implement to make just about any type of naturally scented product.

    DAY 5: Labels, Templates, Resources

    The beautiful cherry on top of this informative email course is undeniably the templates of product labels in Lesson 5 you can use to dress-up your fragrant creations.

    And the big finale is a directory of reliable, reputable suppliers to get everything you need to start blending.

    My hope is that this course enlightens and inspires you to take action in the art of aromatherapy.

    Blend a Fragrant Life with Essential Oils is a stepping stone in that journey and is a resource to help you along the way.

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